Radio Center exterior as it appeared in 1947.
All photos on this page appear here courtesy of Carl Riggins. Carl worked in the building in the 1960s and 1980s. Years ago, he snagged a booklet from a stack of them that were being thrown out at the Radio Center. It documented the renovation of the building in 1947. The images here were scanned from it. For some reason, they and the text were printed using blue ink. We have color-corrected for that, displaying them here in the B&W in which they probably were taken.
Farm/News studios on the second floor.
The auditorium on the second floor.
The control room at Radio Center.

The first floor foyer at Radio Center.
Carl Riggins in the early 1960s.
Special thanks to Joe Wasson for scanning and working these images.
The old Opera House once stood on Garrison Avenue opposite the Radio Center.
Demolition of Radio Center, April 25, 2004.