Mission, Values & Vision

This mission, values, and vision statement provides a framework for the development of a  5 year Strategic Plan, setting the direction and providing a focus for developing action plans and prioritizing the work of the Fort Smith Historical Society. 

  • Our mission statement describes our core purpose why we exist, what we do, and why we do it 

  • Our values are closely held beliefs that guide our individual and group behaviors and direct our institutional decision making

  • Our vision describes our future aspirations for this organization


The mission of this organization is to publish a historical journal pertaining to the city of Fort Smith and surrounding area. The style of the publication is The Journal of the Fort Smith Historical Society. The Society shall collect documents, photographs, and papers. The Society shall collect audio and visual interviews for the purpose of making public history presentations. The FSHS is a non-profit organization dedicated to community service.


  • Documentary accuracy, we seek always to maintain the highest journalistic standards in all of our published works.

  • Historical Inclusiveness, attempting to present the history of our city and region in a way that is representative of all groups, cultures and lifestyles within our community and, to the extent possible, also represents conflicting perspectives on the impact and significance of those historical events.

  • Collaborative partnership, working closely with other complementary organizations and interest groups to create cooperative, synergistic relationships and to maximize our mutual effectiveness.

  • Accessibility, making every effort to make all of our services and programs available to everyone within our community, regardless of status, disability or financial means.

- To be recognized as the enduring voice of Fort Smith history -

elaborated vision...

To be recognized as the enduring voice of Fort Smith history and as a strong advocate for the preservation of that history through our publications, our partnerships and our related services.

The Fort Smith Historical Society will be:

  • Recognized as the most authoritative source by persons and organizations seeking information on the history of Fort Smith and the surrounding area.

  • At the forefront of efforts to build and maintain a lasting appreciation of Fort Smith's rich history.

  • Routinely involved in helping to create powerful partnerships with like minded civic organizations.

  • Known for its expertise in organizing and presenting history in a manner which empowers people and transforms lives.

  • Involved in actively engaging a variety of communities in the delivery of relevant history programs and services.