Washington Cemetery,

Fort Smith, Arkansas

An African-American Burial Ground

By Angela Y. Walton-Raji; Transcribed by Tonia Holleman



Fort Smith has an interesting history from the African-American community. As long as the city has existed there has been an African-American presence in the community. Part of the effort to document the history of the community has been the effort to take note of the burial sites of the city’s black residents. It is not known where people who lived in the city as slaves were buried. However, those who were once enslaved are found in cemeteries throughout the city, Nowland Springs, Oak Cemetery and U.S. National Cemetery.

Nestled in the heart of Northside Fort Smith is the only all African-American cemetery. Contrary to what many may believe, this cemetery was established in the 1940s as a black burial ground in what was once the mostly rural Midland Heights section of the city. However, many of those who rest in Washington Cemetery come from many parts of the city and not exclusively the immediate neighborhood. Not much is known of the early history of the burial ground. The earliest burial was made on the grounds before the official cemetery was established. That is the grave site of Gideon Richardson, which was made in 1913. One of the longest-living people buried in the cemetery was Ellen Hogue Roberson, born in January 1887 and buried in July 1986, only a few months short of her 100th birthday.

It is worth noting that of the more than 730 burials at Washington, more than 150 were of people who were born in the 1800s. One of the earliest birth dates noted on the interred was that of Mary Irene Bass, born in 1865 and laid to rest in 1945. While none of the people buried there would have been slaves, many were clearly the children of slaves. Many resided in the city during its frontier years during the Judge Parker era, the period when black U.S. marshals were part of the city’s landscape. Later, they would experience the changes in the city after the Parker era, through the darker days of segregation, but many did live to see brighter days for the community.

The following transcription was made by Tonia Holleman, who spearheaded this documentation project for more than four years. She was helped by close associates Lola Brown, Lucy Toran and Nathaniel Jones, who on occasion would assist her in identifying the names of those entered from their headstones. In addition, she compiled the names from documented sources as well, including the Social Security Index, OUR Funeral Home Records, Rowell Funeral Home Records, funeral programs and the

U.S. Federal Census.

Washington Cemetery, located off Waldron Road and North 56th Street, is quiet and peaceful, regularly maintained, neat and dignified. Burials still occur in this quiet burial ground as they have for the past 64 years. The cemetery’s caretaker is Patricia Copeland, who works with a cemetery board to see that this quiet resting place retains regular care and that the site is kept clean and secure.

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ADAMS  Amanda E. October 19- 1945  TO September 02-1968
ADAMS  Arlene H 1906 TO March 05-1963
ADAMS  Coy June 6- 1934 TO December 19-1989
ADAMS  Marcia March 26- 1927 TO June 07-1986
AGNEW  Nora Bell August 27- 1912 TO October 15-1996
ALEXANDER  Ertie  1893 TO March 07-1969
ALLEN  Alene March 24- 1912 TO June 05-1984
ALLEN  Charity Flanagan  TO September 15-1972
ALLEN  Elizabeth  March 17- 1904 TO March 08-1979
ALLEN  Jack 1897 TO July 19-1967
ALLISON  Fred Sunbeam Sr.  TO October 14-2003
ANDERSON  Jessie B.  July 3- 1927 TO April 25-1982
ANDERSON  Lee  TO December 12-1960
ANDERSON  Roy Gene  TO September 14-1990
ANDREWS  Leona G. April 21- 1910 TO January 19-1987
ARCHIE  Jim Ernest November 2- 1924 TO December 02-1994
ARMSTRONG  Nellie September 12- 1891 TO September 07-1985
ARNOLD  Helen May 24- 1909 TO June 01-1994
ARNOLD  Henry James September 29- 1910 TO September 11-1974
ATCHISON  Elreno December 22- 1902 TO January 09-1972
ATCHISON  Obrien  January 9- 1901 TO March 25-1976
ATCHISON  Sophia September 25- 1915 TO April 11-1988
ATCHISON  Stella 1895 TO November 07-1962
ATKINS  Gladys  TO May 12-1981
AUSTIN  Virginia Louise April 4- 1910 TO August 20-1971
AVERY  Charles D. 75yrs. TO  01-08-2008
BARNES  James October 11- 1913 TO March 18-1976
BARR  Louis  TO September 06-1956
BASS  Clara  June 24- 1902 TO May 15-1990
BASS  Cleborn  February 14- 1896 TO March 18-1979
BASS  Edna  May 5- 1890 TO July 29-1960
BASS  Isabell  April 10- 1914 TO 
BASS  John Edgar Jr. October 9- 1913 TO June 04-1981
BASS  John Edgar Sr. 1886 TO April 24-1988
BASS  Mary Irene  1865 TO February 04-1945
BASS  Robert August 14- 1859 TO March 29-1925
BATEMAN  Frank Licurties  July 17- 1902 TO December 29-1980
BECK  Javan Ricks March 25- 1905 TO June 05-1902
BELCHER  Parker July 04-1907 TO November 1955
BELCHER  Zulla Ella October 04-1912 TO March 05-2001
BELL  Allen August 22-1910 TO February 19-1974
BELL  Altha Belle  October 10- 1919 TO March 21-1990
BELL  Bobbie Jean May 31- 1931 TO February 07-1977
BELL  John David April 5- 1922 TO November 29-2002
BELL  Veronica 15 months TO May 12-1972
BENNETT  Eula August 21-1896 TO March 14-1984
BENTLEY  Lula July 14-1899 TO 1968
BERGE     TO February 24-1959
BERRY  Lillie Bell 1894 TO January 26-1964 
BERRY  Mae May 12- 1897 TO 1965
BEST  Helen Marie 1957 TO June 21-1957
BILLINGSLEY  Ray Charles  TO February 11-1955
BLACK  Darlene Rochelle  TO March 23-1974
BLACK  Edna F. December 3- 1895 TO March 1979
BLACK  Tennessee May 31- 1892 TO September 11-1977
BLACK  Will  TO October 24-1960
BLAIR  Luvernia April 24- 1922 TO April 08-1972
BLUFORD  Rosie Marie  TO December 16-1961
BODINE  Evalene September 15-1919 TO May 12-1990
BOND  Johnnie Toney September 02-1885 TO November 12-1963
BONE  Mattie 1910 TO April 04-1963
BONNER  Irene P. April 03-1906 TO December 18-2002
BONNER  Richard Lee November 17-1943 TO May 15-1978
BOOKER  Maggie M.  TO February 27-1973
BOOKER  Perry 1900 TO July 22-1966
BOYKIN  James S. 1943 TO December 15-1964
BRADLEY  Herd December 26-1887 TO April 20-1969
BRAY  Eugene June 29-1926 TO 1968
BREWER  Baby   TO June 03-1980
BREWER  Pearl  February 02-1907 TO December 07-1994
BREWER  Virl 1949 TO June 04-2004
BROOKS  Herman December 18-1906 TO August 26-1991
BROWN  Bennie  TO June 17- 2007
BROWN  Blanche 1889 TO 1954
BROWN  Cecil Louise June 24-1924 TO July 18-1986
BROWN  Francis Antione November 28-1929 TO September 06-1985
BROWN  George 1865 TO 1942
BROWN  Hattie 1876 TO May 05-1929
BROWN  Jeff August 25-1888 TO March 21-1976
BROWN  Jim    October 08-1893 TO March 13-1967
BROWN  John Wesley December 28-1893 TO 1969
BROWN  Lula February 15-1918 TO July 30-1978
BROWN  Luther January 27-1914 TO May 01-1952
BROWN  Major Jr. September 07-1905 TO May 29-2002
BROWN  Major Sr. August 04-1878 TO March 16-1962
BROWN  Mary Ester  TO 
BRYANT  Johnnie  Mildred 1899 TO February 02-1969
BRYANT  Nolon 1918 TO July 06-1972
BRYANT  Nolon Augusta 1880 TO July 01-1952
BUCKNER  Vissia 1909 TO February 27-1963
BURNS  Anna April 09-1929 TO October 23-1980
BURRELL  Sam October 29-1911 TO March 12-1971
BURTON  Lloyd  TO February 28-1968
BURTON  Opal Bessie 1926 TO November 18-1972
BYRD  Otha February 01-1894 TO May 1971
BYRD  Sophia Elizabeth 1897 TO 1969
CADE  Bob David 1935 TO January 03-1970
CALDWELL  Arry June 10-1896 TO December 03-1984
CALDWELL  Fannie E. July 07-1892 TO February 1978
CALDWELL  William J. March 12-1892 TO February 10-1987
CAMPBELL  Carolyn  TO December 19-1993
CAMPBELL  Charles E.  TO July 23-1983
CAMPBELL  Frank  September 12-1961 TO December 03-1984
CAMPBELL  Jackie Lee  TO June 18-1982
CAMPBELL  Jackson November 22-1901 TO January 02-1982
CARROLL  Annie/Addie  TO June 21-1969
CARTER  Consuella V. December 22-1895 TO February 14-1972
CARTER  Ernest M. September 20-1888 TO November 24-1968
CARTER  Wallace Donald  TO October 03-1964
CARTER  Walter Ronald  TO October 02-1964
CASHAW  Naomia   TO June 24-1965
CAVER  Charice Yvetna  June 27-1963 TO November 06-1999
CHAMBERS  Ethel Mae June 01-1941 TO February 10-2005
CHANDLER  Frances   1892 TO 1952
CHANDLER  Lula December 05-1868 TO January 17-1967
CHANEY  A. E.  TO April 30-1971
CHANEY  Earvie   TO March 07-1991
CHANEY  Ronnie  TO June 13-1960
CHANEY  Vanilla  May 6-1915 TO June 26-1989
CHILDRES  Vervinia  February 15-1908 TO September 26-1985
CHILDRES  Willie December 15-1907 TO April 18-1992
CHRISTIAN  Alice Lee March 20-1921 TO January 07-1992
CHRISTIAN  Cal J.  TO December 15-1975
CHRISTIAN  Edith  TO July 10-1993
CHRISTIAN  Grover  TO October 06-1975
CHRISTIAN  Joe  TO December 20-1995
CHRISTIAN  Lula 1900 TO December 04-1970
CHRISTIAN  Vernice  TO November 10-1992
CLARDY  Marion T. October 14-1902 TO July 09-1982
CLARDY  Semmie B.  November 23- 1897 TO May 1964
CLARK  Delia Irene   TO July 12-1986
CLARK  Lillian 1907 TO February 08-1964
CLARK  Mary 1906 TO 1967
CLARK  Rubin  TO May 05-1975
CLARK  Willie 1895 TO February 12-1964
CLAY  Henry Eugene Jr.  TO May 02-1956
CLAYTON  Henry  TO July 22-1956
CLEMENT  Sadie November 29-1914 TO February 07- 1976
CLEMENTS  Oliva Minnette September 06-1992 TO October 02-1992
COLE  Carrie L. September 28-1971 TO Mary 13-1975
COLE  Frankie Frances October 13-1922 TO September 30-1997
COLE  Patricia Ann September 18-1954 TO May 09-1973
COLE  Pearle Ann October 28-1948 TO June 30-1998
COLEMAN  Charlie July 19-1908 TO April 16-1987
COLEMAN  Mossie Mae May 10-1918 TO 2001
COLLIER  Al Roy 1892 TO June 09-1970
COLLIER  Lillie Frances 1902 TO September 29-1975
COLLINS  Archie Leona 1902 TO August 06-1971
COLLINS  James L. 1901 TO September 12-1977
CONLEY  Major Hosea Jr. June 27-1920  TO June 20-2001
COOK  Justice Nathaniel July 13-2005 TO March 01-2007
COPELAND  Allena March 1- 1895 TO October 21-1992
CORNELIUS  Fannie Estelle 1910 TO 1967
COZINE  Alice 1907 TO 1980
COZINE  Otis Joe 1892 TO 1969
CRAIG  Anlette  September 28-1911 TO August 08-1980
CRAIG  Benjamin M. February 14-1871 TO June 13-1947
CRAIG  John 1833 TO 
CRAIG  Luella February 04-1874 TO August 03-1959
CRAVENS  Columbus  TO January 21-1949
CRAVENS  Helen M. April 04-1896 TO July 02-1974
CRAVENS  Johnny Sr. January 10-1893 TO January 17-1987
CRAVENS  Margaret Bell 1923 TO December 02- 1977
CRAVENS  Melvin 1948 TO June 11-1965
CRAVENS  Nellie E. April 08-1874 TO July 08-1964
CRAVENS  William Skye Jr. September 19-1912 TO March 18-1976
CRINER  Jordan C. Rev. May 10- 1892 TO July 21-1964
CRISWELL  Alverbia January 26-1905 TO January 14-1975
CRISWELL  Willie December 9- 1900 TO July 15-1974
CROW  Muriel V. 1926 TO December 10-1966
DANIELS  Edmon 1887 TO 1945
DANIELS  Emma Woody May 05-1893 TO December 27-1976
DAVIS  Baby  TO July 31-1960
DAVIS  Charles  TO October 26-1963
DAVIS  Mark  TO 
DAVIS  Mary August 20-1858 TO August 15-1943
DAVIS  Rebecca January 03-1900 TO January 1972
DAVIS  Samuel May 06-1891 TO July 17-1969
DAVIS  Wayman June 01-1906 TO May 15-1969
DAVIS   Jabbar Waking March 12-1979 TO May 14-1979
DELONEY  Arthur December 25-1902 TO August 11-1971
DELONEY  Charity   January 10-1908 TO August 20-1994
DELPOZO  Emilio April 09-1993 TO April 09-1993
DICKENS  Clundell  TO March 16-1973
DICKENS  Glayds Adell 1916 TO December 21-1966
DICKINS  Hayward  TO August 29-1976
DICKS  Mary  TO November 01-1985
DODSON  Isabel June 14-1889 TO November 28-1969
DOTSON  Terry D. May 10-1959 TO September 25-1968
DOULPHUS  Annie Hunter 1901 TO March 18-1958
DRAKE  Princella November 17-1912 TO August 05-1978
DRIVER  Agnes 1887 TO March 10-1964
DRIVER  Blanche   October 09-1888 TO July 31-1962
DRIVER  Callie Buster 1885 TO June 05-1957
DRIVER  Charley  TO May 22-1961
DRIVER  Elmer C. Jr. March 17-1954 TO November 29-1977
DULANEY  Diane Marie March 28-1967 TO March 19- 2003
DUNBAR  Flossie Mae June 08-1955 TO June 02-2002
DUNNING  Lola B. 1886 TO 1944
DUNNING  Martha Ann July 04-1905 TO July 13-1968
DUNNING  Tom 1889 TO 1958
EDWARDS  Irene 1894 TO 1962
EDWARDS  Ivan Sr. November 23-1902 TO July 18-1962
EDWARDS  Mary Ann 1847 TO June 28-1956
EDWARDS  Millie Dee  December 22-1897 TO July 29-1974
EDWARDS  Percy 1889 TO 1960
EDWARDS  Rena 1897 TO 1941
EDWARDS  Will December 25-1882 TO January 29-1966
ELLINGBERGH  Verna Kaye February 06-1953 TO June 01-1993
EMBRY   Ada Harriett  1896 TO December 31-1980
EVANS  Charles Frederick May 09-1913 TO June 23-2001
EVANS  Rosa Lillian January 29-1894 TO November 15-1997
EVANS  Timothy Sr. December 25-1892 TO December 22-1987
EWING  Carl 1886 TO May 22-1968
EWING  Maggie B. 1898 TO 1964
EWING  Natalie Kendrick 1907 TO February 18-1977
FERGUSON  Marshall B. 1944 TO June 18-1965
FIELDS  John September 25-1894 TO May 28-1971
FIELDS  Pearly   December 07-1896 TO 
FILHOIL  Calvin   TO December 27-1960
FLAKE  David D.D. 1904 TO 1995
FLAKE  John 1884 TO 1962
FLAKE  Sarah A. March 15- 1914 TO September 24-1995
FLANNIGAN  Bertha 1890 TO 
FLANNIGAN  John 1876 TO 1944
FOLKS  Simon Pete 1889 TO July 19-1964
FORD  Alberta 1903 TO March 12-1971
FORD  Floyd 1882 TO July 31-1968
FORSTER  Janet Dale May 15-1957 TO January 31-2007
FRAZIER  Douglas II November 16-1965 TO January 05-1968
FREEMAN  Baby  TO June 02-1972
FREEMAN  Frances Myrtle December 06-1921 TO July 21-1989
FREEMON  Earnestine 1888 TO May 12-1953
FRIERSON  Della 1889 TO October 05-1977
FRIERSON  Donie December 24-1880 TO March 03-1950
FRONEABARGER  Melvin  TO March 17-1962
FRONIBARGER  Bertha Wilkins November 20-1922 TO May 12-1970
FULBRIGHT  George 1914 TO December 28-1962
FULLBRIGHT  Violet  TO May 23-1974
GALBREATH  Billy Dean February 14-1958 TO February 11-2000
GARNER  Lula 1886 TO May 1- 1964
GARNER  Ted September 26- 1901 TO September 18-1969
GARRISON  Earl Z. April 24-1919 TO February 29-1884
GARRISON  Eva Mae September 18- 1932 TO October 26-1981
GIBSON  Leeanner 1875 TO 1960
GILBERT  Rosetta April 02-1891 TO January 1973
GILLYARD  Cynthia  TO April 03-1961
GILYARD  Daniel Tom 1891 TO August 05-1957
GOODWIN  Leona S. August 07-1903 TO May 09-1949
GORDON  Annie Belle January 29- 1928 TO July 03-1992
GORDON  Lorean M. 1913 TO November 22-1966
GORDON  Millard M. May 02-1915 TO August 30-1962
GORDON  Ruby Christian August 28-1928 TO September 24-1998
GREEN  Dorothy May 18-1923 TO October 03-1999
GREEN  Lucile March 28- 1917 TO July 15- 1977
GREEN  Robert February 12- 1922 TO July 11- 1976
GREEN  William Rev. 1874 TO July 28- 1968
GREEN  Willie 1920 TO November 18- 1967
GREENE  Eliza Mae  August 20- 1920 TO September 12- 1993
GREENE  Robert E. May 15- 1929 TO September 9- 1975
GRIFFIN  Allie July 15-1916 TO March 7-1994
GRISWOLD  David Aaron November 12- 1975 TO March 5- 1998
HADLEY  Watie 1892 TO 1980
HAILEY  Willie   TO September 22- 1929
HAIRSTON  Betty J. August 20- 1939 TO August 1- 1990
HALL  Grace Mae 1922 TO November 4- 2002
HALL  James Edward 1972 TO June 13- 1992
HALL  Sarah  TO March 23- 1962
HALL  Victoria October 3- 1897 TO March 8- 1965
HAMILTON  David Chubby February 8- 1936 TO May 21- 1966
HANEY  Chorilett Lusinda September 30- 1888 TO January 7- 1980
HARDWICK  Baby  TO May 2- 1955
HARDWICK  Thea Sissy July 13- 1955 TO March 10- 1887
HARRIS  Bob Herbert March 1- 1935 TO June 29- 1992
HARRIS  Ernest January 14- 1940 TO December 28- 2004
HARRIS  Faye June 11- 1915 TO March 17- 1975
HARRIS  Irene August 8- 1905 TO August 29- 1976
HARRIS  Maggie    TO 1966
HARRIS  Monica Ann Smith  TO November 17- 2006
HARRIS  Obiazean 1876 TO 1953
HARRIS  Rose Mary September 4- 1960 TO March 12- 1961
HARTGRAVES  Jesse August 22- 1915 TO April 6- 20007
HATCHER  Antoinette Flake February 25- 1946 TO October 21- 1979
HAYNES  Baby  TO August 3- 1960
HAYNES  Hannah 1956 TO June 17- 1965
HEIGHT  Pleasant  TO 1955
HENDERSON  Martha   April 24- 1920 TO June 11- 2000
HENDERSON  Neal Rev. November 22- 1904 TO March 22- 1984
HENDRIX  Zettie 1908 TO January 29- 2003
HENLEY  Minnie N. 1890 TO April 10- 1964
HERSHEL  Baby  TO November 6- 1961
HERSHEL  Elaine January 27- 1959 TO September 16- 1984
HICKS  Mattie  TO June 5- 1960
HILL  Barbara T.  1902 TO May 25- 1993
HILL  Burzillai September 07-1895 TO February 28- 1973
HILL  Carter 1900 TO June 24- 1967
HILL  Ella April 20- 1875 TO January 6- 1954
HILL  Ethel   April 11- 1906 TO September 9-1991
HODGE  Mattie Helen June 25- 1939 TO July 04- 1980
HOGUE  Austin Frederick October 30- 1922 TO July 03- 1974
HOGUE  George H. August 20- 1929 TO June 05- 1969
HOGUE  Helen February 10- 1903 TO February 21- 1975
HOGUE  Henry Jr. January 15- 1917 TO May 20- 1993
HOGUE  Henry Sr. June 26- 1893 TO July 12- 1982
HOGUE  Jack Daniel January 28- 1921 TO September 24- 1991
HOGUE  Mary Willa April 19- 1908 TO March 09- 1999
HOGUE  Savella April 14- 1916 TO May 28- 1982
HOGUE  Tiphney M. June 06- 1974 TO December 31- 1974
HOLLIMAN  Bertha May 30- 1898 TO November 02- 1974
HUBBARD  Telecia N. December 11- 1971 TO April 27- 1977
HUBBARD  Tresea Ann October 04- 1959 TO August 06- 1960
HUDGENS  Charlotte Lee April 28- 1957 TO April 29- 1957
HUDGENS  George Henry September 11- 1911 TO March 22- 1973
HUGHES  Billy August 04-1930 TO October 10- 1977
HUGHES  Frankie Lee June 18- 1920 TO August 23- 2002
HUGHES  Ida Lee December 1892 TO August 31- 1964
HUGHES  Sylvia August 27- 1889 TO February 04- 1976
HUGHES  W. H. Elder 1886 TO 1959
JACKSON  Amanda 1875 TO July 01- 1963
JACKSON  Amos December 24- 1913 TO March 29- 1987
JACKSON  Annie  1882 TO April 09- 1975
JACKSON  Boarddia October 12- 1891 TO October 02- 1979
JACKSON  Catherine  TO June 05- 1966
JACKSON  Dorothy Lee  1935 TO February 26- 1965
JACKSON  Helen August 09- 1908 TO April 16- 1961
JACKSON  Hercules January 17- 1948 TO March 11-1981
JACKSON  Howard May 05-1895 TO 
JACKSON  James Jimmie October 12- 1899 TO December 04-1972
JACKSON  Jerry Sr. 1885 TO 1947
JACKSON  Joe December 15- 1904 TO March 16-1985
JACKSON  Josie Lee 1885 TO August 29- 1989
JACKSON  Kay Bailey September 28- 1921 TO February 02-1986
JACKSON  Louis September 28- 1926 TO October 02-1999
JACKSON  Maso December 29- 1900 TO November 21- 1986
JACKSON  Matilda December 26- 1907 TO October 08-1989
JACKSON  Pleasia 1913 TO November 05-1957
JACKSON  Timothy   August 18- 1905 TO June 30- 1977
JACKSON  Victoria August 18-1898 TO March 15- 1953
JACKSON  Virgil February 24- 1914 TO October 25- 1985
JAMES  Baby  TO March 05- 1968
JAMES  Isaac 1904 TO 1972
JAMES  Ora B. March 5- 1909 TO August 02- 1984
JARRETT  Alfred Ray January 10- 1962 TO November 23- 1994
JEFFERSON  Alma February 1887 TO May 14- 1988
JEFFERSON  Eddie L. 1889 TO 1961
JENKINS  Betty February 09- 1929 TO June 19- 1977
JOHNSON  Annie Bell July 20- 1920 TO September 05- 1997
JOHNSON  Billy Mrs.  1914 TO January 23- 1975
JOHNSON  Cephas 1896 TO August 02- 1977
JOHNSON  Georgia Ann 1867 TO June 28- 1960
JOHNSON  John M. Jr. October 2- 1959 TO October 02-1959
JOHNSON  Mary 1885 TO 1954
JOHNSON  Mattie E. January 22- 1918 TO October 31- 1969
JOHNSON  Olivia 1914 TO February 18- 1975
JOHNSON  Ollie Ione July 14- 1915 TO March 09-1996
JOHNSON  Peggy Ann February 21- 1967 TO February 21- 1967
JOHNSON  Richard E. Sr. June 27- 1949 TO March 02-1995
JOHNSON  Rube 1885 TO 1955
JOHNSON  Thomas April 23- 1922 TO June 13-1975
JOHNSON  Will 1875 TO November 13- 1968
JOHNSON  William Floyd November 17- 1915 TO August 27- 1978
JONES  Bessie   1896 TO February 01-1963
JONES  Edward Eddie May 12- 1881 TO June 10-1975
JONES  Ella   October 1912 TO September 1980
JONES  Evelyn M. June 05-1939 TO June 10- 2004
JONES  Floyd 1904 TO June 08-1971
JONES  Isaac Rev. April 16- 1946 TO March 17-1996
JONES  Isaac Sr. April 04-1919 TO August 17-1988
JONES  Johnny Lee February 17- 1939 TO January 26-2003
JONES  Lela Flanigan November 18- 1896 TO September 16- 1971
JONES  Levordy Robert July 18- 1929 TO April 12- 1981
JONES  Lovie Jean November 11- 1919 TO March 31- 1960
JONES  Macey  TO March 21- 1962
JONES  Stella M. 1903 TO May 02-1973
JONES  W. C.  TO August 19-1970
JOSENBERGER  Chauncey Sr. July 17- 1896 TO September 10- 1988
JOSENBERGER  Chester Jake August-27-1894 TO March-07-1983
JOSENBERGER  Eva Harriett 1896 TO May-03-1961
JOSENBERGER  Katherine G. November-04-1908 TO August-09-1982
JOSENBERGER  Nathaniel September-19-1953 TO July-31-1992
KENDRICK  Evelyn December-9-1910 TO January-18-1996
KENDRICK  Millard Freeman 1905 TO February-23-1949
KEYS  Celest January-09-1897 TO November-04-1996
KIMBLE  Palestine M. 1912 TO 1967
KIMBLE  William H. Rev. 1898 TO 1966
KINDLE  Curtis I. August-05-1948 TO May-07-1972
KING  Freida   TO 1961
KING  Sylvester Rev. July-07-1904 TO October-30-1989
KINNARD  Bartha Faye September-7-1944 TO September-25-2003
KINNARD  Erica Michelle September 26- 1973 TO February 18- 1974
KIRKSEY  Janson   1929 TO 1955
KIRKSEY  Lina September-02-1905 TO March-10-1983
KIRKSEY  Redman January-06-1925 TO December-13-1989
KNAULS  Rosa Virginia September-18-1886 TO September-11-1964
KNIGHT  Mamie Louise Knox March-01-1914 TO October-22-1984
KNOX  Letcher January-19-1901 TO November-01-1961
KRUSH  Alton 1905 TO January-30-1963
KRUSH  Jack Rudolph 1898 TO Februar-08-1971
LASTER  Cora E.  TO September-28-1960
LASTER  Esther B. November-10-1906 TO April-24-1946
LEE  Baby  TO September-07-1957
LEE  Bessie Mott July-07-1908 TO January-18-1999
LEE  Cleo February-24-1902 TO August-24-1973
LEE  Felix  TO June-06-1957
LEE  Johnnie Ruth G. November-11-1926 TO February-06-1989
LEE  Tommie  TO Jul- 04-1956
LEE  Winefred Marie 1 day TO June-24-1963
LEWIS  Mable November-28-1898 TO September-23-1973
LITTLETON  Jonathan Clay April-03-1978 TO March-10-2001
LOCKETT  Aaron Willice 1888 TO January-02-1963
LOFTON  Mansfield May-06-1896 TO October-06-1972
LOGAN  Eligah 1900 TO January-11-1969
MADISON  Cassandra Noel December-07-1990 TO March-11-1991
MADISON  Ruby J. September-20-1917 TO October-01-1992
MAHONE  Ruby B. May-15-1915 TO May-03-1999
MARTIAN  Elmer   1920 TO October-06-1975
MARTIN  Anita Louise September-24-1955 TO October-24-1955
MARTIN  Cynthia Wheeler May-20-1910 TO September-14-1989
MARTIN  Leonard September-26-1899 TO May-25-1967
MASSEY  Constance July-27-1942 TO August-20-2003
MASSEY  Emma L. 1883 TO 1970
MASSEY  George Perry July-27-1917 TO January-02- 2001
MASSEY  John Perry 1883 TO 1961
MASSEY  Johnie Ray  TO March-06-1964
MAYS  Steven Anthony June-08-1972 TO November-08-1996
MAYS  Warner Sr. June 12-1919 TO April-24-2005
McBRIDE  Johnnie   1896 TO June-19-1955
McCLENDON  Cleotha  TO July-17-1967
McCLENDON  Curtis July-16-1927 TO August-19-1978
McCLENDON  Franey 1909 TO 1972
McCLENDON  Jim 1907 TO 1960
McCLENDON  Nellie June-02-1912 TO August-1982
McGEE  Billy Sr. August-06-1944 TO November-21-2003
McGEE  Mary Christine 1943 TO August-01-1977
McGILL  Larry Eugene  TO June-22-1966
McGILL  Ted Louis Jr.  TO May-03-1961
McINTOSH  Iris Lynn 11 hours TO February-21-1965
McKINNEY  Clemon 1931 TO March-25-1968
McKINNEY  George 1890 TO November-29-1966
McKINNEY  Maude 1927 TO July 12- 1979
McMULLEN  Hasker September-20-1900 TO January-30-1972
McNEELY  Mary  December-25-1911 TO January-11-1975
MERRIWEATHER  Baby 4 Hours TO May-21-1966
MICKENS  Beatrice Marie September-09-1913 TO January-18-1998
MICKLES  Albert August-23-1892 TO August-14-1967
MICKLES  Annie 1896 TO 1960
MIDDLETON  Tom   TO February-10-1966
MILLER  Ada Elizabeth 1898 TO August-03-1970
MILLER  Cassanna 1912 TO June-15-1956
MILLER  Donald Albert August-06-1956 TO August-07-1956
MILLER  Edward Rev.  TO January-23- 1975
MILLER  Elnora 1887 TO July-08-1969
MILLER  Myrtle 1886 TO March-18-1967
MILLER  Roosevelt 1904 TO April-08-1965
MILUM  Beedy 1878 TO September-24-1963
MITCHELL  Charley  TO September-02-1961
MITCHELL  Demetrius 1979 TO November-07-2005
MITCHELL  James P. February-13-1876 TO July-27-1958
MITCHER  Lucy August-02-1876 TO July-29-1958
MOHEAD  Ethel M. August-31-1892 TO August-1874
MOORE  Evelyn February-02-1919 TO March-19-1975
MOORE  Linda  TO June-06-1978
MOORE  Will September-08-1880 TO September-18-1935
MOORE  William 1914 TO December-27-1972
MORGAN  Cora L. January-15-1904 TO December-15-1978
MORRIS  Fay Anna 1913 TO August-09-1956
MORRIS  Laura July-13-1895 TO April-09-1978
MORRIS  Mary Etta 1906 TO July-10-1974
MORROW  Leander 1903 TO April-07-1963
MORROW   Rosie   1892 TO 1957
MOSS  Bertha 1899 TO January-15-1967
MOSS  John Henry   1904 TO March-03-1970
MOSS  John Henry Jr.  TO 1959
NANCE  Lela 1885 TO October-18-1968
NELSON  Ernest D. June 27-1945 TO January-10-2001
NELSON  Nora    TO November-11-1987
NEVELS  Square 1877 TO March-29-1956
NEVILS  Matilda  TO 1943
NOLAN  Kathryn Craig April-24-1908 TO July-04-1986
OLIVER  Evelyn   August-18-1906 TO October-31-1981
OLIVER  Wilie April-01-1903 TO March-13-1981
OWENS  Larence Dexter August-09-1956 TO June-18-2000
OWENS  Mamie M. 1896 TO 1964
OWENS  Sharon Kaye March-31-1958 TO April-21- 2005
PADEN  Ardelia November-11-1905 TO February-19-1994
PANKEY  Julius Lee January-28-1940 TO April-16-1945
PANKEY  Vessie November-08-1913 TO March-26-2007
PARKER  Lucenda March-05-1900 TO June-02-1972
PARKER  Ruby Jean January-17-1968 TO December-18-1975
PARISH  George December-25-1908 TO November-12-1981
PATTERSON  Daisy  TO July-01-1960
PAUL  Alberta 1892 TO October-16-1968
PAUL  Robert Henry 1891 TO November-01-1962
PEGUES  Henry August-09-1874 TO February-21-1961
PEGUES  Ora Wilson August-04-1902 TO December-22-1991
PERKINS  Ella   1914 TO February-14-2004
PERKINS  Frankie Louise April-15-1947 TO April-07-1982
PERKINS  Jessie 1902 TO November-1973
PERKINS  William Joe  TO April-16-1976
PERRY  Bazora July-16-1902 TO May-04-1954
PERRY  Ellen   April-22-1908 TO November-04-2005
PERRY  Elmer N. Rev. July-22-1903 TO November-12-1981
PERRY  Evelyn Marzetta August-18-1906 TO February-23-1977
PERRY  Helen Louise January-24-1919 TO July-01-1965
PERRY  Ivery Ray June 06- 1917 TO March-14-1981
PERRY  Jeanette  TO August-11-1967
PERRY  Nora Lee March-30-1909 TO July-26-1998
PERRY  O. C. August-24-1914 TO February-18-1998
PERRY  Otis August-24-1961 TO June-05-1977
PERRY  Zora Veller September-14-1914 TO February-26-1998
PHILLIPS  Cornelius Jr.  TO October-16-1963
PHILLIPS  James Anthony  TO August-10-1965
PIERCEY  Anna 1886 TO 1957
PIERCEY  Louis Rev. 1870 TO 1960
POOL  Alfred S. Sr. October-19-1936 TO June-06-2007
POOL  Arthur 1897 TO February-19-1865
POOL  Cora Helen October-17-1907 TO December-28-1974
POOL  Ora Fay  June-11-1928 TO January-08-1996
POOLE   Willie 1912 TO January-01-1963
POSEY  Laura McPherson December-25-1894 TO February-19-2004
POSEY  Sherman September-11-1911 TO October-11-1999
PRICE  Charlotte September-21-1904 TO October-22-1983
PRICE  James M. July-24-1899 TO September-13-1970
PRICE  Marion Sr. 1908 TO April-09-1977
PRICE  Mattie Bell 1913 TO July-06-1967
PYLES  Emma Lou October-17- 1902 TO June-26-1980
PYLES  Mary L.  TO August-29-1960
RAINEY  Clara December-14-1890 TO August-30-1974
REED  Amanda April-15-1908 TO October-28-1994
REED  Norris March-27-1910 TO June-30-1983
REEDER  Elitha  TO 1961
REID  Jessie July-06-1894 TO December-25-1968
RICHARDSON  Anna Lucille July-17-1922 TO October-30-1987
RICHARDSON  Branson January-08-1900 TO May-01-1969
RICHARDSON  Carrie  September-29-1906 TO May-18-1970
RICHARDSON  Ernest  November-09-1889 TO May-15-1976
RICHARDSON  Essie Mae  September-05-1910 TO November-15-1997
RICHARDSON  Gideon 1880 TO 1913
RICHARDSON  Louisa 1881 TO 1946
RICHARDSON  Lula December-14-1899 TO August-21-1974
RICHARDSON  Nathanel Sr. 1909 TO November-15-1963
RICHARDSON  Ora  August-18-1889 TO January-14-1970
RICHARDSON  Pleas October-06-1862 TO August-03-1945
RICHARDSON  Sadie November-09-1901 TO August-08-1981
RICHARDSON  Theressa Ann  TO December-03-1955
RICKARDSON  Gearldine June-16-1924 TO June-09-1972
RICKS  Dora  March-25-1867 TO November-15-1951
RICKS  Ellis March-08-1895 TO October-13-1974
RICKS  Ewing 1914 TO April-24-1963
RICKS  Felicia June-07-1909 TO May-28-2000
RICKS  George  TO October-06-1961
RICKS  Jessie August-17-1897 TO June-14-1985
RICKS  Nolan Sr. July-01-1895 TO July-24-1956
ROBERSON  Ben April-24-1902 TO Januar-18-1986
ROBERSON  Dan November-24-1885 TO March-31-1970
ROBERSON  Eliza Mae Greene August-20-1920 TO September-12-1998
ROBERSON  Ellen Hogue January-18-1887 TO July-05-1986
ROBERSON  Merrill  TO December-09-1944
ROBERTSON  Aletha December-31-1953 TO April-06-1981
ROBINSON  Destini Kerara May-02-2000 TO April-12-2002
ROBINSON  George B. Rev. 1879 TO August-29-1968
ROBINSON  Ida Belle Jackson 1881 TO September-04-1975
ROBINSON  Josephine  TO January-02-1962
ROBINSON  Sue April-06-1947 TO March-22-2004
ROBY  Georgia 1909 TO August-05-2004
ROBY  Warfield 1912 TO April-26-1967
ROGERS  Mary Elizabeth  TO September-30-1960
ROGERS  Rosie Lee Black August-29-1931 TO January-22-1999
ROSS  Georgia Francis  May-01-1891 TO April-06-1992
ROSS  William March-26-1949 TO January-15-1999
RUSHING  John 1890 TO June-17-1965
RUSHING  Maggie June-21-1890 TO January-22-1954
SANGHERA  Brenda J. Wilson May-17-1950 TO December-03-1985
SCARBROUGH  Willie Katherine September-19-1936 TO February-13-1988
SCOTT  Charlie George 1881 TO August-03-1968
SCOTT  Mary Lee March-11-1935 TO December-25-1996
SCOTT  Plinia 1857 TO 1947
SEWELL  Travis James October-18-1964 TO April-20-1985
SHEPHERD  Baby  TO October-04-1962
SHEPHERD  Heywood 1901 TO March-10-1963
SHEPHERD  Izola 1902 TO November-17-1965
SHEPHERD  Meaneva Darlene  TO 
SHEPHERD  Omer L. Sr. March-27-1933 TO July-17-2002
SHEPHERD  Thelma September-19-1936 TO October-08-1973
SHEPPARD  Albert May-10-1899 TO February-17-1958
SHEPPARD  George Jr. March-10-1977 TO June-01-1934
SHOATE  Karen Ann October-21-1973 TO March-05-1996
SLOAN  Griffin Alexander July-05-1922 TO June-15-1971
SLOAN  Paul David Pvt. March-04-1950 TO October-26-1987
SMITH  Amanda Ann December-11-1889 TO July-25-1971
SMITH  Anitha [Baby] 17 hours TO August-02-1965
SMITH  Annie Bell Williams November-01-1912 TO June-21-2003
SMITH  Bessie Lee August-25- 1917 TO September-06-1981
SMITH  Dora  L. April-03-1895 TO September-11-1985
SMITH  Fannie L. December-28-1905 TO July-14-1999
SMITH  Ivory Venice  TO 1959
SMITH  Jimmie Mrs. 1912 TO February-25-1968
SMITH  John   TO May-07-1949
SMITH  Lee  Roy Jr. 40 Minutes TO October-28-1964
SMITH  Mary M. May-03-1917  TO May-03-1995
SMITH  May Anna  1913 TO August-09-1956
SMITH  Oliver June-28-1892 TO June-05-1969
SMITH  Rhoda 1892 TO January-20-1966
SMITH  William M. 1887 TO March-03-1965
SMITH  William P. February-09-1870 TO October-31-1961
SMYERS  Abel Capt. 1915 TO 2004
SMYERS  Alena November-04-1885 TO January-08-1956
SMYERS  King May-15-1882 TO July-13-1963
SMYERS  Maggie H. November-25-1916 TO July-10-1982
SMYERS  Mary Marie July-12-1909 TO November-08-1986
SMYERS  Silas  March-07-1913 TO July-03-2003
STAHAM  Eric Maurice March-28-1977 TO July-05-2004
STEWARD  Paul William 1961 TO September-02-1979
STEWARD  Roy Stanley  TO June-15-2007
STRINGER  Annie Eliza May-26-1935 TO September-22-1993
SUGGS  Miller 1924 TO July-24-1962
TAFT  Ernest A. July-05-1903 TO February-1961
TAFT  Mary Ann February-24-1892 TO July-30-1982
TAFT  Ozella 1886 TO March-29-1973
TAYLOR  Eugene 1919 TO April-10-1960
TAYLOR  Johnnie Lutisha February-24-1894 TO January-09-1986
TAYLOR  Lucinda December-25-1893 TO June-09-1943
TAYLOR  Nakisha Dinean May-02-1983 TO December-22-1983
TAYLOR  Shelia L.  TO November-10-1955
TAYLOR  Vetta G. January-16-1916 TO May-03-1998
TAYLOR  Will W. July-01-1876 TO August-03-1942
THOMAS  Hazel   December 05-1918 TO August 22-1957
THOMAS  Noreen Laverne August-16-1958 TO January-05-2004
THOMAS  William May-13-1865 TO February-18-1948
THOMPSON  Amanda July-18-1977 TO September-09-1977
THOMPSON  Eddie L. October-19-1946 TO July-14-1987
THOMPSON  Ray Pvt. November-13-1931 TO January-8-1999
THOMPSON  Shirley Ann 1937 TO January-29-1957
THOMPSON  Steve 1914 TO 1963
TROTTER  Turner 1887 TO June-26-1966
TRUMAN  Anna Bell May-07-1909 TO January-30-1970
TURNER  Corellian R. 1876 TO February-05-1966
TURNER  Maria 1913 TO January-13-1963
TURNER  Olivia December-03-1910 TO April-29-1943
VAN  Lillie Mae 1906 TO 1964
VANN  Donald Keith Sr. October-05-1957 TO November-09-2004
WALKER  Georgia A. May-19-1904 TO November-15-2000
WALKER  Jefferson Rev. September-24-1908 TO September-28-1991
WALKER  Joe May-12-1894 TO February-22-1970
WALKER  Laura January-27-1889 TO December-14-1968
WALKER  Richard Harold 8 Days TO February-25-1966
WALKER  Willie 1921 TO June-10-1964
WALLACE  Victor Leonard 3 Months TO December-06-1964
WALLS  Florence K.   TO July-13-1962
WALTON  Neal April-11-1889 TO September-07-1944
WALTON  Willie Edward Rev. December-15-1906 TO September-15-1966
WARREN  Albert June-15-1883 TO December-21-1978
WARREN  Maggie December-25-1884 TO December-05-1974
WASHINGTON  Baby  TO February-02-1969
WASHINGTON  Sylvia D. August-28-1899 TO February-04-1976
WATSON  Carter Rev. May-09-1904 TO February-1972
WEBSTER  Derrick Dwight February-16-1957 TO January-09-1996
WEBSTER  Doroth Mae 8 Months TO February-26-1963
WELLS  Allener 1881 TO May-20-1964
WELLS  Baby  TO May-13-1957
WESLEY  Sally 1877 TO May-17-1955
WESSON  Fannie March-24-1903 TO January-16-1998
WESSON  Lee November-11-1901 TO February-24-1982
WEST  Angelque Deanna July-06-1992 TO July-06-1992
WETHERSPOON  Ethey Mary 1921 TO April-05-1966
WHEELER  Delia 1887 TO 1961
WHITE  Flavil Michael Jr. September-18-1962 TO November-30-1999
WHITLEY  Bessie January-09-1912 TO November-17-2004
WHITLEY  Ida August-08-1882 TO 1981
WHITLEY  Lee November-02-1908 TO March-01-1994 
WILKINS  Alpha December-24-1898 TO January-22-1970
WILLIAMS  A. Z. June-06-1909 TO April-01-1984
WILLIAMS  Anna M. December-23-1900 TO October-22-1982
WILLIAMS  Catherine Virchelle 18 Months TO July-15-1966
WILLIAMS  Edna Jean  TO February-11-2007
WILLIAMS  Elmer 1897 TO January-21-1963
WILLIAMS  Emanuel Louis 1893 TO May-16-1966
WILLIAMS  Harrison 1912 TO November-23-1968
WILLIAMS  Hazel T.  TO November-07-1988
WILLIAMS  Helen Ruth Myrtle K. April-21-1910 TO May-01-1995
WILLIAMS  Leroy Sr. September-04-1900 TO December-27-1970
WILLIAMS  Linda Kaylene October-11-1951 TO January-11-2007
WILLIAMS  Maggie  TO February-04-1962
WILLIAMS  Mahalia 1890 TO April-23-1963
WILLIAMS  Mary Evelyn K. January-09-1929 TO August-24-1981
WILLIAMS  Mattie Jean November-13-1928 TO September-28-1992
WILLIAMS  Melvanie  TO May-21-1962
WILLIAMS  Moses 1881 TO March-12-1967
WILLIAMS  Zulla Mae 1941 TO June-11-1967
WILLIAMS   Mark Anthony  TO December-31-1974
WILLIS  Anderson C. 1880 TO August-07-1965
WILLIS  Edward Franklin December-28-1927 TO October-14-1984
WILLIS  Ella Wells 1903 TO October-09-1962
WILLIS  Ladelle 1903 TO January 30- 1966
WILLIS  Mozell Benjamin February-26-1898 TO December-12-1964
WILLIS  Rodney K. February-22-1953 TO January-20-1999
WILLIS  Samuel Daniel Sr. January-11-1908 TO March-18-1993
WILLIS  Vertie B. May-13-1902 TO January-19-1959
WILLIS  Willie September-09-1936 TO April-29- 2007
WILSON  Dessie July-05-1936 TO October-07-1995
WILSON  Earl March-25-1921 TO September-11-1953
WILSON  Forest February-06-1907 TO June-20-1969
WILSON  George H. November-17-1920 TO July-12-1969
WILSON  Glen A Nayah JaNee December-08-2007 TO December-08-2007
WILSON  Jerry E. August-18-1960 TO June-22-1973
WILSON  Katie November-06-1914 TO April-21-2002
WILSON  Louis Allen September-13-1948 TO August-21-1972
WILSON  Mildred  TO February-13-1962
WILSON  Myrtle Thomas November-17-1909 TO May-19-1996
WILSON  Nathaniel July-28-1909 TO March-22-1994
WILSON  Rose Mae February-24-1898 TO August-04-1983
WILSON  Ruth July-23-1919 TO February-15-1992
WILSON  Ruth  TO August-01-1962
WILSON  Thomas November-12-1900 TO January-19-1980
WISE  Ella M. June-27-1938 TO April-10-1984
WOOD  Alberta 1895 TO January-26-1966
WOOD  Charlotte Elizabeth January-10-1910 TO August-04-1983
WOOD  Ernest 'Home Run' May-27-1915 TO March-14-1994
WOOD  Lawrence Buzz April-18-1907 TO January-04-1994
WOOD  Nathan H. 1892 TO 1960
WOODS  Dorthea M. April-22-1897 TO July-03-1984
WOODS  Fitzhugh L. February-26-1887 TO October-31-1972
WOODS  Jimmy Don Pvt. July-14-1918 TO May-24-1970
WOODS  Nancy May-05-1895 TO January-22-1971
WOODY  Gwendoly Glenda F. 1 year TO December-16-1965
WRIGHT  Baby  TO November-23-1956
WRIGHT  Cecil May-05-1909 TO November-30-1979
WRIGHT  Elmore 1884 TO October-12-1967
WRIGHT  Pearl O. May-27-1889 TO September-17-1989
YORK  Andrew J. 1872 TO September-05-1963
YORK  Hershel November-12-1899 TO July-09-1972
YOUNG  Faye 1905 TO December-14-1965
YOUNG  Faye King May-08-1904 TO November-11-1969
YOUNGER  Sallie A. 1882 TO June-21-1986