Charles Holt

Charles S. Holt founded the Holt Clinic in 1921, and from 1913 to 1934, he operated St. John's Hospital. A 1906 graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine, Holt moved to Fort Smith to practice in 1908.

In 1933, Holt became partners with Dr. Fred Krock, and the clinic became Holt-Krock Clinic. St. John's merged with Sparks Memorial Hospital in 1934, and Holt served as chief of staff of Sparks until 1946. Holt also was a trustee of the Arkansas Tuberculosis sanatorium; assoicate professor of surgery at the University of Arkansas School of Medicine; and a trustee for the Mid-West Hospital Association and the Arkansas Hospital Association.

In 1924, he was involved in the formation of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Industrial Hospital Association. Its members included all union laborers in the two states or people who were friendly to organized labor. Membership entitled any person to free hospital care or medical treatment at Holt Clinc or St. John's.

Born in 1880 in Salem, Illinois, his father, Thomas Jefferson Holt, was a farmer. He died on June 7, 1952, and was survived by his wife, Zoe McCann Bissel Holt and two adopted daughters.

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