Past Postings


  1. Interview with Louis LorenzThe Girl in the
  2. Red Velvet Swing
  3. Rumors of Riches
  4. Queen and Coaley:
  5. Prized Pets of Fort Smith's Trolley Men
  6. Parker's Court Burials in Oak Cemetery
  7. FSPD Officers Killed In the Line of Duty
  8. St. Boniface Member Honored
  9. How Weary Willie Spends Christmas
  10. Pioneers Celebrate Christmas
  11. Thanksgiving Behind Bars 1903
  12. The Hell Cat as told by Belle Starr
  13. Hallowe'en Parties and Familiar Sports
  14. The Harem Skirt Doesn't Scar'em
  15. The World's Largest Sorghum Mill
  16. Flag and Field
  17. A Personal Essay by Ben Boulden


  1. SOS! Photography Contest
  2. A Five Mile Journey Under Fort Smith
  3. Weaver Papers: Antebellum Fort Smith
  4. Dispatches: The Civil War in Fort Smith
  5. Southtown Oral history, Part 1
  6. Southtown Oral History, Part 2
  7. Southtown Oral History, Part 3
  8. Agnes Oglesby interview, Part 1
  9. Agnes Oglesby interview, Part 2
  10. Town Branch
  11. The Lynching of Sanford Lewis
  12. The Burns Murder
  13. A Letter From Bobby Joe Burns
  14. Labor Day 1913 in Fort Smith



  1. Dedication of the City Flag
  2. The 1907 Ordinance
  3. The Lost Hotel
  4. Fort Smith's Flood History
  5. Fort Smith Celebrated
  6. 'Dry Spell' 89 Years Ago
  7. Researching Land Use
  8. Crime and the Holidays in Old Fort Smith
  9. Rolling Knolls, Part 1
  10. Rolling Knolls, Part 2
  11. 1904 Coal Map of Sebastian County
  12. A Message from Judge Jim Spears:
  13. A Proposal for a Statue
  14. More SOS! images.
Place Names

Fort Smith's flag and city seal.


Red Pine
Fort Chaffee
Towson Avenue

This is a partial list of Fort Smith place names and their origins that was begun in late 2007 before the suspension of regular updates in winter 2008.