of the
Fort Smith Historical Society

As approved, at the general membership meeting of April 17, 2008.

1. The president shall appoint a nominating committee to submit nominations for the Executive Board. The general membership shall vote on the nominations for the Board, including any made from the floor, at the annual general membership meeting in April. The candidates will be ranked in order of the greatest number of votes received. The list will be followed from top to bottom until all vacancies are filled.

2. Officers shall be elected at the quarterly meeting in April of the Executive Board which will normally follow the general membership meeting.

3. The president shall appoint with approval of the majority of the Executive Board any editor or editors to fill any vacancy of that position. The chief responsibilities of the editor(s) are supervision of The Journal content and layout for each issue and arrangement for its timely publication. The editor(s) of The Journal are not charged FSHS membership dues.

4. The president shall appoint a publications committee to assist the editor(s) in preparing each issue of The Journal for publication and delivery. The publication committee will also advise the Executive Board on book publication and special edition publication proposals.

5. The president shall appoint an archivist to receive, catalog, store, and index such materials that have or may come into possession of the Society. The Society will create an archive policy that oversees access and use of Society materials.

6. The president shall appoint a webmaster/technology representative to design and maintain the FSHS internet homepage. The Society will create a policy and a budget for the homepage.

7. The president shall appoint a history liaison officer to facilitate communication between the FSHS and libraries and other historical societies and organizations.

8. The president shall appoint a grants officer or officers to pursue grant opportunities for the FSHS.

9. All such appointments described in these by-laws are for one year terms and may be renewed with mutual consent of president, appointee, and Executive Board at the April meeting.

10. The Executive Board may establish an Oral History Project and appoint a director or co-directors to oversee its operation. The director(s) will supervise the collection, recording, and distribution of interviews for the purpose of expanding historical knowledge of specific periods or events in the history of the city and area. The Board may also establish a separate bank account for the OHP and authorize the director(s) to direct the treasurer of the FSHS to make deposits or withdrawals from the OHP account. The Executive Board may establish other projects when circumstances warrant.

11. The Executive Board may establish an endowment or charitable fund for the purpose of allowing interested individuals, families and other entities to make charitable contributions to the Society and may further designate an Administrator or Administrators with the powers to enter into all necessary agreements on behalf of the Society for the purpose of ensuring the successful management of such endowments or charitable funds.

12. The FSHS By-Laws may be amended in the same manner as the FSHS Constitution.