of the
Fort Smith Historical Society

Article I       Name of the Organization
                     The name of the organization shall be The Fort Smith Historical Society, Inc.

Article II     Mission
                    The mission of this organization is to publish a historical journal pertaining to the city of Fort
                    Smith and surrounding area. The style of the publication is
The Journal of the Fort Smith Historical
The Society shall collect documents, photographs, and papers. The Society shall collect
                    audio and visual interviews for the purpose of making public history presentations. The FSHS is a
                    non-profit organization dedicated to community service.

Article II     Membership
                    There shall be five (5) membership categories: (l) Regular annual; (2) Senior annual (62+); (3)
                    Business annual; (4) Sustaining; (5) Life. Dues for each category will be set by the Executive Board.

Article IV    Governing Body

                     An Executive Board composed of no less than nine (9) and no more than twenty-one (21) members,
                     including editors, shall be the governing body with authority to transact business for and in the
                     name of the Fort Smith Historical Society. The Board at any regular or called meeting shall
                     determine the number of members of the Executive Board. The quorum at any Board meeting shall
                     be one more than half of the current Board membership at the beginning of the meeting.
                     The general membership of the Society shall elect the Executive Board at the April meeting and
                     those elected shall serve a three year term. In case that the Executive Board falls below nine
                     members before the April election or at any other time during the year deemed appropriate, the
                     Executive Board may appoint a member of the FSHS to complete the unexpired term of any Board
                     member who has resigned or otherwise terminated his/her service to the Executive Board so long as
                     the total number of Board members does not exceed twenty-one (21).

Article V     Officers
                    The officers of the Executive Board and the Society shall consist of a president, a vice-president, a
                    treasurer, a membership secretary, a recording secretary, and a corresponding secretary.

Article VI    Editors of the Journal
                     The editor, or editors, not to exceed three, of
The Journal of the Fort Smith Historical Society are
                     nominated by the president of the Society and approved by a majority of the Executive Board at a
                     quarterly meeting in which a quorum is present. The editors serve at the pleasure of and with protection
                     by the Board with no specific length of term. Editors are full participating members of the Executive

Article VII  Meetings
                    The Executive Board shall meet quarterly in the months of January, April, July, and October and
                     in such called meetings as the officers of the Board deem necessary. The Board will meet in such
                     places and times as the officers of the Board may decide. The general membership meeting of the
                     Society shall take place in April at which time the election for the Executive Board takes place.

Article VIII Amendments
                    These articles may be amended at any duly called or annual meeting of the general membership
                     by a two-thirds majority of members present at said meeting, provided that notice of the proposed
                     amendment(s) and the time and place at which the vote is to take place shall have been made no
                     less than ten (10) days prior to said meeting, by mail or by publication, either in a newspaper of
                     general circulation in the community or in
The Journal of the Fort Smith Historical Society.