The Fort Smith Historical Society Board Meeting was held at 2:30 P.M.,
February 12, 2004, at the Creekmore Park Recreation Building. There
were 15 members and one guest present. They were as follows:

Floyd & Carole Barger
Clara A. Rubarth
Gene McVay
Joanne Swofford
J.P. Chancey
Ben Boulden
Billy D. Higgins
Charles Raney
Jerry Akins
Jo Tillery
Jack Arnold
Chloe Lamon
Delores McMillan
Joe Wasson
Kathy Brockway

Jack Arnold, President, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the last meeting were read by the recording secretary, Chloe Lamon.

Joanne Swofford gave the treasurer's report. The beginning balance was $11,284.48. Income was $3,694.94. Expenses were $128.68. Cash on Hand is $14, 850.74.

Jo Tillery gave the membership report. Membership now totals 385. Beginning January, 2004, the Post Office requires a 9 digit Zip code for bulk mailing. We need the last four digits on the address from all new members.

There was no old Business:

New Business:

Clara Rubarth introduced her guest, Kathy Brockway who has volunteered to be an indexer for the Journal.

There was discussion of the death of Amelia Martin, keeping her name listed as co-founder of the Journal in future issues, and of a memorial to her in the next edition. Joe Wasson, Chuck Raney, and Ben Boulden are working on getting the April edition print-ready. Ben and Joe Wasson will be listed as associate co-editors. Memorial donations have been received honoring Amelia and Mary Lou Jacobsen, who died in
December. Also, there will be a memorial to Mary Lou in the next edition.

Jack mentioned that the terms of six committee members are due to expire, and they are willing to serve again. He read a resignation letter from Lewis Young. Chuck and Carole Barger were asked to be on a nominating committee.

Ben talked about doing research and perhaps writing an article for the Web site on animals that were used with the trolley system. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to give Ben a free life membership for all the work he has done and is now doing on the Web site.

Joe suggested that the Historical Society go with Consoldated Printing for the next six months. He mentioned that we may have some color pages for about the same price - maybe start with a color cover.

There was mention of the budget - everything should be in by March 5th. Jo Tillery asked when the mailing deadline is. Everything should be received during the month of April. The Journals will have a meeting notice in them. Jo talked of setting up a bulk mailing account. Jack mentioned the possibility of selling ads in the Journal.

Billy Higgins reported on the 63rd annual convention of the Arkansas Historical Association which will be held at the Holiday Inn on April 15th. There will be a reception at the Hell on the Border Jail, and a luncheon and business meeting on Friday. Some places in the Historic District will be open. There may be complimentary rides on the trolley.

On Friday night awards will be presented honoring Art and Amelia Martin for their work in preserving Arkansas history. On Saturday, there will be a Civil War re-enactment and a luncheon at Adelaide Hall. The speaker will be Elliot West.

Jack mentioned the American Legion Convention in July, with receptions at the Butler Center and National Historic Site. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to sponsor one of the coffee breaks at an approximate cost of $150.00. Chuck talked of putting journals in packets to sell at the convention.

It was suggested that we have an editorial board. They would decide on topics, go out and interview people, discuss possibility of changes to the Journal.

The next meeting is to be in April, but the date is not available at this time.

The meeting was adjourned by the President.

Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary