The Fort Smith Historical Society Board Meeting was held at the Riverfront Park Events Building following the Frontier Achievement Awards on April 22, 2005. There were 23 people present.

Jack Arnold, president, called the meeting to order. He asked that the
names of the slate of officers and board members be read. They are as

Billy Higgins, President
Ben Boulden, Vice President
Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary
Chuck Raney, Corresponding Secretary
Jo Tillery, Membership Secretary
Joanne Swafford, Treasurer

Dorothy Doville (re-election)
Chloe Lamon (re-election)
Dolores McMillan (re-election)
Joe Davis (new)

Twenty four ballots were turned in, with unanimous votes for all positions except for a write in vote for board member, Dr. Todd Stewart.

Jack then told the board members that he had enjoyed working with the Society, and praised everyone for the work each had done. He apologized for not having been as active as he wanted, and told us that he has a terminal illness which hindered his ability to do more. Rena Westbrook then told him that he reminded her of a band director she had known. He couldn't play any one instrument well, but he knew how to lead so he could pull it together well. Jack has been a good leader.

Joanne Swafford gave the Treasurer's Report: Total Income: $6,503.23
Total Expenses: $4,915.82
Net Total: $1,587.41
Total Cash and Bank Accounts (Including 2 CD's) $31,998.62

Carole Barger said that Martha Coleman and the student workers at UAFS
have put the complete Journal Index on a CD. Also, she said that we have a filing cabinet at the library with 25 years of oral history on cassette tapes. Lena Graves has volunteered to transcribe them on tape and in printed form. But we need to buy a new machine.

Joe Wasson said that the reason white paper was used for the April Journal was that the paper is acid free, and would last much longer. And, if we use colored pictures in future journals, it would have to be on white paper. Billy Higgins said that the Arkansas Historical Journal changed to white, also. He stressed how useful historical journals are to students at UAFS now that it is a 4 year school and many juniors and seniors have a history major. He said students are amazed at the quality of the Journals.

Billy suggested having the Historical Society meetings at the library.

Jack asked if we had finalized all business with Yoes. Joanne said we do not owe them any more money.

Art Martin said he had found a portable typewriter that he thinks belongs to the Society. It was suggested that it be placed in our office at the museum.

Billy showed us a plaque that had been awarded to the Historical Society from the Arkansas Historical Association for the Best Use of Graphics. Pryor Cruce had acepted it on our behalf at DeGray's Lodge.

Carole stated that we should give full credit to Joe and Lynn Wasson for the many hours and hard work thay had done on the Journal.

Our next board meeting is scheduled for July 20, 2005, at 2:00 PM at the Main Library.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Jack
Arnold, president.

Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary