The Fort Smith Historical Society met on Thursday, April 20, at the River Front Park Events Building after the 2006 Frontier Achievement Awards were presented.

One of the persons receiving an award was our managing editor, Carole Barger.

Those attending were: Joanne Swafford, Jo Tillery, J.P. and Becky Chancey, Andy and Winnie Hendricks, Pryor Cruse, Gene McVay, Floyd and Carole Barger, Mr. and Mrs.Chuck Raney, Jerry Akins, Joe and LynnWasson, Joe Davis, Clara Jane Rubarth, Ben Boulden, Chloe Lamon, Billy Higgins, and Stan Kujawa.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Billy Higgins.

Joe Wasson showed on a TV screen exerpts from six interviews that he,
Carole, and Libby Orendorff have made with World War II veterans, titled "Local Heroes — Home Sweet Home." Each one lasts about two hours. He said they have completed 13 interviews so far. Lynn Wasson said they have done them at a rate of two or more a week. They go to the person's house to make the recording, and it takes a lot of their time. She said that they need help - that others in our group can learn to use the camera.

Minutes of the last meeting were passed out to those present. Chloe Lamon asked if everyone had read them, and did they want them read aloud. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously that the minutes be accepted as read.

Joanne Swafford passed out copies of the treasurer's report. A motion
was made, seconded, and passed unanimously that the report be accepted as read. Joanne asked for some strong people to help pick up the journals at Fort Chaffee. They need to be moved. She mentioned that
our CD is coming due. It was agreed that she should roll it over.

Jo Tillery handed out copies of the membership report. A motion was
made, seconded, and voted uanimously to accept the report as read.
Also, she handed out a new roster with the names and addresses of the
current 418 members.

We now have 18 board members. It was suggested that we need to
increase from 18 to 19 regular, plus 3 board members who make up the editorial staff, making a total of 22. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously that we increase board membership. Higgins read the names of the new board members:
Floyd Barger, Jimmy Ciulla, Pryor Cruce, Jerry Hendricks. In addition, Billy Higgins and Gene McVay were re-elected. Chuck suggested that we add the name of Jerry Akins. A motion to accept the new board was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Higgins welcomed the new members.

Dr. Chancey supervised the drawing by lot for term expiration of board
members. This action which had been previously approved by the board, will allow for continuity of board membership. Each year, one-third of the members' terms will expire and they will, along with any other nominees, be eligible for reelection. The results of the drawing:

2009 terms:
Gene McVay, Jerry Hendrix, J. P. Chancey, Ben Stephens, Floyd Barger, Billy Higgins.

2008 terms: Jerry Akins, B. Chancey, Jimmy Ciulla, Pryor Cruce,
Dorothy Doville, Chloe Lamon.

2007 terms: Joe Davis, Chuck Raney, Clara Jane Rubarth, Joanne
Swafford, Jo Tillery, Rena Westbrook.

The names of officers for the coming year were presented by the nominating committee — Clara Jane Rubarth, Jo Tillery, and Joanne Swafford.

They are:
President — Billy Higgins,
Vice President — Ben Boulden,
Treasurer — Joanne Swafford,
Secretary — Chloe Lamon,
Membership Secretary — Jo Tillery.
Corresponding Secretary — Chuck Raney

A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously to elect the slate of officers.

Higgins said that the Arkansas Historical Association had its annual
meeting last week, and our journal won 3 awards — Stephen Husarik for best business article on the New Theater,the overall best design of county and local journals,and Melanie Speer for the best family hisory award. An article of Carole's was quoted in Tom Dillard's weekly article on Arkansas History in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Because it was getting late and everything could not be covered in this meeting, it was suggested that we have a called meeting on Wednesday May 31 at 2 p.m. in the board room of the main library.

The meeting was adjourned by the president, Billy Higgins.

Chloe Lamon, corresponding secretary