Minutes of the 9 April 2008 Executive Committee Meeting
The Fort Smith Historical Society

The Fort Smith Historical Society had a called meeting on April 9th at 5:00 PM at the Library.  Those attending were Chloe and Stacy Lamon, Al Whitson, Wincie Hendricks, Joanne Swafford, Nancy Ciulla, Carole Barger, Chuck Raney, Jerry Akins, Clara Jane Rubarth, and Joe Wasson. 

Clara Jane Rubarth called the meeting to order. The purpose of the meeting was to think ahead, plan for the next meeting to go smoothly, and to clarify our mission, both spoken and written.  We need to continue producing the journal and show expansion.  Carole mentioned that 'homey' pieces get a lot of comment and that people would like to see more  photos.  The cost of producing the journal is about $3,000, and we need sponsors or contributors.  If ten businesses would give $1,000 per year, that would pay for publishing.

Membership is down and there was a question of sending a notice when fees are due.  Lifetime memberships are a drain - we need to write them for the individual only, not the family. It was suggested that we ask lifetime members for donations. It was suggested we place Journals in medical office waiting rooms -doctors would make contributions.

Carole suggested putting pictures on our web site.  The Boston Historical site could be used as a model.  It allows multiple people to use their web site.

Joe wants to send out a newsletter to vererans with a list of people who have been interviewed. Some of them know each other and would enjoy communicating.  He talked with Emory Dockery about using the Darby House as a meeting place where veterans and the public can hang out.  We could furnish coffee - it would be good publicity. 

Chuck said we need a link on the website for people trying to reach the Historical Society.  Al said a simple audio tape could be used to tie the website to the mission and accomplishment of the FSHS.

Wincie suggested we need a security system - an inventory and index to keep track of people who look things up.  We could catalog all donations, develop a procedure and have it on our website.  It would make the FSHS an authority on accurate records.  We need a simi formal agreement with the University.

Chuck mentioned that there a lot of topics that we need time to discuss ideas as we have today.  Perhaps we need a meeting like this every month.  Clara Jane will check with the library about a time and space for the meetings.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Clara Jane.

Respectfully submitted, Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary