Minutes of the 16 October 2008 Meeting
The Fort Smith Historical Society

The Fort Smith Historical Society met at the main library on Oct. 16, 2008, at 6:00 PM.  Those attending were Jerry Akins, Celoris Arena, Jenny Hall, Bill Kirk, Billy Higgins, Loucretia Taylor, J.W. Taylor, Al Whitson, Jo Ann Campbell,  Ken Lanoenberger, Carol Williams, Jimmy Ciulla, Nancy Ciulla, Chuck Raney, Dorothy Rappeport, Wincie Hendricks, Jerry Hendricks, John Cook, Olivia Taylor, Allison Taylor, Floyd Barger, Carole Barger, Edna Fisher, Betty McCaffrey, Clara Jane Rubarth, Chloe Lamon, and Joe Wasson.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Clara Jane Rubarth.

She introduced the speaker, Warren Blaylock.  Warren is from Alma, and has done research into the history of local people of interest.  He talked about Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrows, the history of how they met and formed the Barrows gang.  Of local interest, he told of the time Buck Barrows and another gang member were near Dean Springs and encountered Marshal Humphrey and deputy Wilson from Alma, along with the Salyers brothers.  (Some of the visitors at today's meeting were relatives of Marshal Humphrey.)  They crashed into another car and after a shoot out, took the marshal's car.  Near the Pollock Ranch, they had a blow out and a couple stopped to help.  They stole their car, and returned to the Dennis Motel in Ft. Smith where Bonnie was staying.  She had been burned in a car fire after a previous wreck, and needed medication.  The gang left the Dennis Motel and took pillows and bed linens.  Mr. Dennis  became suspicious and called police.  But the Barrows Gang was already on their way to Missouri.  Then Mr. Blaylock told the rest of the story about Bonnie and Clyde.

Clara Jane handed out the new, updated FSHS brochure.  She said Fred Williams helped get them.  She has reserved the commuity room at the library for our quarterly meetings the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October at 6:00 PM, and for the executive committee meetings the second Wednesday of each month.  She asked for a volunteer to notify members of the meetings.

The minutes of the last meeting had been listed on the web site.  There was a correction - the Museum membership list is 300 members, not 3,000.

There were no other corrections. 

Nancy Ciulla handed out the treasurer's report, listing income and labilities.  Our total assets are now $38,911.92. 

Wincie Hendricks gave the Membership Report.  We now have a total of 398 members.  She also reported on a meeting she had with Clara Jane, Dot, Ben Boulden, and Leisa Gramlich at the Ft. Smith Museum of  History to discuss combining membership and what benefits each can offer the other.

There was discussion on possible advantages and problems.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved  unanimously to form a commttee to continue to pursue it, but make no decision at this time. 

Al reported on the website.  He said progress is being made, and there is more to be done. 

Carole reported on the Journal.  She introduced a new volunteer, J.W.

Tayor, who will work with her and Joe on the oral interviews.  He has had extensive experience in this type of work, and will be a big benefit to the program. 

Joe reported on his work with the East Lab project at Southside High School.  The students will work in the computer lab on editing the videos, and teach other students the process.  He said they are learning fast and very interested in the project.

Carole reported that there will be an open house at the Museum of History on Veteran's Day from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It is open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by the president. 

Respectfully submitted, Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary

 Chloe Lamon, Recording Secretary